New Patients

We are pleased that more than 90% of our New Patients have been referred to us by our past and current patients.  Our patients continue to be very successful in our program with our well trained staff and top rated customer service.  We celebrate each and every pound lost with our patients.  In the past year, collectively, our patients have lost a total of more than 25,000 pounds!

As a New Patient, we invite you to experience our team as we help you reach your weight loss goals. 


Before you come in for your Initial Visit, here are some things you can START TODAY.

(Just pick one or more of my weight loss tips to get you started!)

Stay Inspired.  Place a picture of what you want to look like on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, the dashboard of your car, or your computer screen. 

Hydrate.  Drink at least 72 ounces of water daily.  

Eat Breakfast.  It jump starts your metabolism.  This begins the process of burning calories. 

Plan your Meals.  Pack your snacks and lunch the night before. 

Keep a Food Journal.  Writing down what you eat and counting your calories can help you lose 50% more weight.

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